Monday, June 18, 2012

Weddings Are Fun: Paula + Tobi in Boracay

Just preparing right now for my summer trip to Toronto faced with the familiar dilemma of how to cram all my camera gear and clothes into a suitcase. With summer in Canada just on the horizon, weddings have been on my mind a lot lately. Most of you who know me know that I've been returning home to Toronto for the summer months not just to get my fix of of quality bagels, but also to shoot weddings. Weddings have played a big part in my development as a photographer and have helped enable me financially to shoot projects in Asia when I was just starting out and had no work. For anyone whose interested I wrote a piece for Applied Arts a while back explaining my approach to weddings here:

The shots above are from one of my favourite weddings of 2011 which I shot for Studio 2000 on the island of Boracay in the Philippians. Tobi and Paula were an awesome couple to shoot for and the location was hard to beat. I even convinced them to trash their clothes on the final day and jump in the pool. Turns out they also have a great eye for photography, this last shot was their idea!