Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Insects In The Backyard for Bloomberg Pursuits

These were from a shoot last week at Insects In The Backyard, a new restaurant in Bangkok featuring insects in a fine dining setting. The full slideshow can be viewed here:


FAO and other international organizations have been advocating the consumption of insects for decades, pointing to their compelling nutritional and environmental benefits. Until recently this has not been sufficient to bring insects onto the plates of mainstream diners. But this is changing. Top level global restaurants such as Noma and Nordic Food Lab have taken the consumption of insects to the highest culinary levels. Recent documentaries, namely Nordic Food Lab’s ‘Bugs’, and Angelina Jolie’s promotion of insects as a sustainable food source have made bugs hip. They are no longer the rural snack your great auntie may have enjoyed. They are now the hero of the dish. And bugs can be beautiful.